Who We Are

RECHI has been a retail merchandising display & shop fittings provider for retail electronic store since from 2010.

With our innovation,value,high level quality products,first class service,RECHI gradually grow to be a diversified group company focused on providing more comprehensive retail display and store fixture solutions for global brands.

Now RECHI wants to help global retailers and brands to grow and sell more by creating attractive and profitable in-store environments that strengthen the consumer’s shopping experience.


  • Before 2010
    We are a manufacturer of pop acrylic pop display products for retail merchandising in store.
  • 2010
    Focus on the market of pop acrylic display for digital products selling in the retail mobile store.
  • 2011
    Engaged in the retail merchandising security industry,combined our acrylic pop display with display security products,we provides our customers with more better retail merchandising solutions.
  • 2012
    Developed our first generation centralized security system,which bring us good reputation from our customers
    and end users.
  • 2013
    Pay more attention to the customers experience and displayed merchandises brand image when we researched and developed new products besides anti-shoplifting capability.
  • 2014
    Position RECHI as a provider of one stop merchandising security and display products for retail electronic store in China domestic market.
  • 2015
    Open our eyes to the global market,we offer the best solution that global customer need not what we had.
  • 2016 to now
    We are devoted ourselves to providing one stop retail merchandising display and fixture solutions for global retailers and brands!
  • Together,let us make a big difference in electronic retailing industry!