at&t michigan avenue flagship store

AT&T Michigan Avenue Flagship Store

AT&T Michigan Avenue Flagship

North Michigan Avenue, Chicago

Design: Callison, Seattle

Michigan Ave Case Study from Razorfish – Emerging Experiences

At the core of AT&T’s mission is a commitment to deliver the future in a way that is relevant,approachable and friendly. AT&T’s tagline, “Rethink Possible” is a call to action that is open and limitless; a perfect mix of optimism, energy and enthusiasm, grounded with a sense of warmth and approachability. The designers created a place where this promise can come to life, and where the line between technology and humanity is blurred.
at&t michigan avenue flagship store
The overall layout was designed to be open, inviting and organized, creating a customer journey that is intuitive, fun and effortless. Throughout the store are a variety of places for face-to-face connections, to
change the sales experience from “transaction to interaction.” Traditional cash wraps were eliminated and replaced with mobile landing stations, café-style learning tables, and sit-down lounge areas, all used by iPad armed staff.
at&t michigan avenue flagship storeat&t michigan avenue flagship store
A new family of fixtures was developed specifically for this store using a combination of wood, white solid surface and thick acrylic elements. The fixtures utilize flexible and modular acrylic pads for product story telling and interactive experiences, and are organized to create a fun and communal shopping michigan avenue flagship storeatt store altered
The store moves away from traditional telecom retailing and showcases how mobile devices are integrated into everyday life, not on the device itself. This comes to life in the “Lifestyle Boutiques” and the “Experience Platform” where products are presented in focused collections combining devices, apps, and accessories into rich and relevant michigan avenue flagship store

Design/Architecture: Callison Seattle
General Contractor: Healy Construction Crestwood, IL
Photographer: Chris Eden, SeattleA

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