huawei experience store in mexico

Huawei Experience Store in Mexico

Huawei Experience Store in Mexico

By Antonio Cahun

The commitment that Huawei has demonstrated with the Mexican market is exemplary. Since opening
its online store Vmall, whose strategy to sell the most representative products of the brand in an exclusive way, but without leaving out other segments of the market has worked very well, as the public has begun to have as a reference the Quality of the brand’s mobiles.

Continuing its steady march through the domestic market, Huawei opened the doors of its first store
in Mexico. However, the Huawei Experience Store is not only a store, but as its name implies, it is an establishment where you can live the premium experience that the manufacturer imbuises in their

All Huawei products under one roof
huawei experience store in mexico
Located at 281 Masaryk Avenue, the Huawei Experience Store brings together all the products of the
Chinese giant under one roof, though strangely, and unlike the strategy used with the Vmall store,
Honor products will not be available. Decision somewhat strange, but surely has a very good explanation.

Returning to the theme, the store has two floors: in the first we will see all the devices of the firm
displayed on tables that allow them to taste them and feel the experience of using each one, this being
the main attraction with which the manufacturer intends to conquer the Users.
Interesting detail worth mentioning is that among the tablets that the manufacturer exposes in the
store, is the Huawei Matebook a 2-in-1 tablet with Windows 10 that was presented last February
and also has not been officially presented in our country.

When asking some executives about their presence in the room, they only mentioned that “Mexico
will have surprises very soon”, without specifying more details. As always, we can only wait patiently.
huawei experience store in mexico
On the other hand, the advertising of its big banners, Mate 8 and Huawei P9 can not be missed, as
well as accessories are sold for these and other terminals of the brand. All displayed on one of the wings
of the first floor.

Premium after-sales service, Huawei’s strategy

On the other hand, the second floor does not display products but it is the area where all the magic
of premium customer service happens. On previous occasions we have talked about the advantages
of the extended warranty program that the manufacturer offers for its banners.
huawei experience store in mexico
It is in this area where users of any smartphone in the company will be able to go in case of an accident
and some repair is required. In addition, they will also be able to go to make software updates, among
other things.

In this regard it is important to make it clear that the VIP service, with screen repairs that in some cases
can be carried out in less than an hour, cleaning and general maintenance services, are exclusive to users
of the company’s banners, The Huawei P9 and P9 Plus.
huawei experience store in mexico
In fact, for those users with these mobiles there is a VIP room that has an armchair, an HDTV, tables
and chairs to make the wait a less tedious activity. As we mentioned, because some repairs can take
very little time, this room is a very interesting detail.

Huawei really boast of having reinvented customer service, and while everything seems to paint the
best, we will have to wait a little while to hear the first comments about the service and the attention
that will be provided in the store.
huawei experience store in mexico
Huawei Experience Store, a very high stakes

Huawei is one of the manufacturers that is doing really well in Mexico, it is not a secret that we would
like to see this kind of part of each of the contenders in the mobile market, but hey, that’s another story.

For now we can only focus on the work of Huawei and expect new surprises, because although this is a
real big step, it does not mean that it is the last but that the company constantly hopes to surprise the
public with its decisions.

Finally, we leave a gallery of images of our tour of the store.
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