samsung galaxy studio in sydney

Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy Studio in Sydney

Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy Studio in Sydney

By Jamie Skaltsounis from Samsung Australia

From the 12th April to the 7th May in 2017, Samsung Australia undertook one of its largest experiential campaigns in Australia, bringing the Galaxy Studio to Sydney for the first time.

The new studio, featuring unique and interactive experiences for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ was the first one to launch in the world, giving customers the opportunity to see the device up close and personal for the first time before it’s official launch.
gear vr 4d
Live for 24 days in Centre Court at Parramatta Westfield, the activation saw over 64,000 product and customer interactions and over 234,000 impressions, drawn through with some amazing experiences which included;

The Gear VR ‘4D’ Virtual Reality Theatre – Designed to transport people to a new world utilising Samsung Gear VR virtual reality. As a team of four, customers navigated a spacecraft through the galaxy whilst shooting down enemy robots with the new Gear VR hand controller

Gear 360 Snowstorm – Visitors were able to capture a unique 360 degree video with the Gear 360 in a simulated snow experience. Positioned in the middle of a ‘snow’ blizzard, visitors were able to control their experience as they move around the zone.
gear 360 snowstorm
Watercolour selfies – Using the Galaxy S8 or S8+ smartphone customers were able to dip it in water to see it transformed into a liquid animation through movement. At the zone, guests could choose to add one of four filters to their selfie that mimicked the style of a beautiful watercolour painting.
watercolour selfie
Fitness challenge – Using the Gear S3 smartwatch, visitors could try out either a virtual swimming or tennis experience. Sensors tracked the participant’s heart rate and motion to give them a high score after 60 seconds of activity
fitness challenge
The Interactive table – At this station, customers were able to learn more about the ecosystem of Galaxy devices and solutions. As guests place devices on the interactive table, different prompts and experiences were displayed, that when selected, showcase key features and benefits of the devices.
interactive table
Any event professional would know that experiences like this do not come together overnight. Ultimately, such a great result is only possible through the culmination of a highly talented group of partners, agencies, staff and individuals based both locally and abroad who put an enormous amount of work in behind the scenes.
In my opinion, amazing experiential activities are only possible when the best parts of technology and live events are brought to life in such a unique way that naturally people stop, stare and investigate. This was the priceless reaction that the Galaxy Studio left on so many people during it’s time of operation.
The personal highlight for me has been working with such an amazing brand and group of people to bring the Galaxy Studio to life in Sydney.

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