allo group ukraine's flagship store

Allo Group Ukraine’s Flagship Store

Allo Group Ukraine’s Flagship Store
Retail Strategy, New Store Concept and Design for Ukraine’s biggest Mobile Phone Retailer

Note:This is a Classic Case Study about Retail Mobile Store Design from UK Retail Vision

Allo Group Retail Strategy
Allo Group is Ukraine’s biggest mobile phone retailer with over 20% market share in all channels.
Allo’s share of Smartphone sales was under threat from competition from Consumer Electronic superstores such as Comfy, Foxtrot and Eldorado, but increasingly from Specialist Technology Retailers such as Citrus and Moyo.
allo group logo
Retail Vision found that Allo Groups existing 70 sq. mts format stores with Allo’s multi-channel telecommunications offer with enhanced ranges and space allocation highlighting Smartphones, Accessories and Customer Service were too small to offer the full technology offer of the “Internet of Thing”

A new Retail Strategy was agreed to enhance the existing chain with Flagship stores of over 300 sq. mts in major cities offering Allos core range together with a full range of technology, smart tech and lifestyle together with the full offer via internet terminals and Click and Collect.

Allo New Flagship Format
The Retail Vision team worked together with Allo to develop a new format with new space allocation, layouts, planograms, fixture design and opportunities for branding, promotion and customer communication.

The format gave increased space to branded zones for Allo’s partners Samsung, Apple and Huawei and increased space and ranges to Electro-Transport, Smart Tech, Smart Home. Lifestyle and Fitness and Audio. allo group ukraine's flagship storeallo group ukraine's flagship storeallo group ukraine's flagship storeallo group ukraine's flagship storeallo group ukraine's flagship store
Allo Re-branding: “Technology Around You
Paul King and Retail Visions design team updated the Allo brand to reflect the changes in technology with re-defined more elegant Allo logo based on “technology around you”

The new brand and store concept were communicated with a set of instore promotional and communication themes and store design guidelines.
allo group ukraine's flagship store
Paul King, Creative Director, Retail Vision writes:-
“The market in the Ukraine was more and more competitive and to some extent confused with the development of “The Internet of Things” and our original work with Allo had fallen behind and looked dated in comparison.

We had to re-establish Allo’s brand credentials in this noisy loud market and confirm Allo’s place as the brand leader.

While all the market was loud and brash and fashion led, we developed a classic, confident style that customers would trust and respect for all their tech needs instore and on line.

We reviewed all the touch points on their customer journey from screen, advertising to in-store and promotional activity.

Developing the strap line “technology around you” to reinforce the importance of the customer and Allo’s mission.”

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